August 16, 2009
  Update Info: The Dragoneers, after struggling in the turbulent winds, has finally settled to start a new. Spirits of old and new are soon to join the ranks yet again of a lasting piece of Dransik history. Talazar Minions need brace thyselves for the threat too them has only yet begun again.

-Eiythe, Essence of the Purple Dragon.

March 11. 2008
Site Update!!!!
  Update Info: We have moved the site to a new server. I plan on keeping the Dragoneers Den alive for a very long time. If you have suggestions for improvement, I'm more than happy to take them. Reikoshea

March 15. 2007
Site Update!!!!
  Update Info: Added a new page with some odd information about Epool Only Skills and the new Ashen Empires Store. Please note this is coming from the Game itself, we are not selling these items via this website.

Read More here:
Ashen Empires Exchange & Advanced Epool Skills

February 14. 2007
Sands of Creation first Major Update is in!!!!
  Update Info: Introducing AE's new Micro-payment Token system.

Update Info: Now AE is working on becoming Free to all.

What are the subscription levels?
Ashen Empires accounts will be separated into four levels. All levels will be represented by an in-game icon next to a player’s name.

* Gold – A gold icon indicates a player with a current active Ashen Empires account with their last paid period being for 1 month or greater. Gold level plans will be available for 1 month, 3 months and 6 month time periods.

* Silver – A silver icon indicates a player who has an active account, but has paid for a period of less than one month. Silver level plans will be available for 1 day, 3 days and 1 week time periods.

* Diamond - Player has been a subscriber (at gold or silver level) for 6 continuous months. Rock on!

* Bronze – A Bronze icon indicates a player who does not have an active paid account (Silver or Gold). Bronze players may explore the entire world, including the 2 expansion areas (if they have those expansions active on their account).

Bronze player do have some limitations once they leave Valinor. Bronze players will be limited in experience they can earn per day and items they can loot and craft. Bronze players will not be able to trade or party with other players and they will not be allowed to engage in player vs player (PvP) combat (unless they are attacked).

Accounts not at Diamond, Gold or Silver level will automatically return to Bronze when their account expires. Players who have been at bronze level for 4 weeks or longer will have any housing they own foreclosed.

Read More here:
IMPORTANT: Ashen Empires Service Changes (UPDATED)

Update: Alchemy - Dev Tryant was working a bit on this - revised the Alchemy Levels, recipes and redid most of the images/icons for the Potions, to be more consistant. Click Alchemy at the left to see the new changes.

New Items: Valetine Armor .. ewww pink .. is now available in the Token Store for a limited time.

New Interface: Quite a few changes in the interface from what we have become accustomed to. Some nice some not so nice. A must see.

December 19. 2006
Sands of Creation Expansion has gone LIVE!!!!
  SoC Info: New world covered in sand. A bunch of spiders, scorpions, some big ugly giants, elementals, crypt robbers, and somewhere there are supposedly some Dragons.

New Skill: Runecrafting - Thanks to Aaron Korr's persistance and patience of Dev OneEye we complied the list of runes, crystals and totems makable with this skill.

New Items: Ton of Armor and Weapons - Some are even craftable and some are quest only.

Quests: LOTS of quests - some that will drive you to the point of insanity.

November 19. 2006
  Has been a very long time since I have updated the News!

Dragonshop Online: Currently down. We will get it back up in the next few weeks.
  SoC Info: Word has it testing for the selected testers hasnt begun yet, but OneEye has posted some nice Screenshots of new locations and monsters including Sand Giants and Young Dragons, makes you wonder if there are other dragons, we can only hope. SoC should be going into testing sometime in November barring any unforseen family illnesses or difficulties with the content they are working on. The Content is rumored to be MASSIVE. But only time will tell.

Site News: Its been a long road in the making but finally came up with a concept of the Beastiary that is fitting with the site's design. Pages should be up shortly to browse. Alot of the info contained comes from our sister site Emerald Dragon's Lair and from another source made by Si G and Killumanti - Monster List

Hail to thee, Adventurer! Welcome to the world of Ashen Empires. Are you up for the challenge of seeking your destiny in an ill-fated land?
Dragoneers have set up a Forum for all. Get in on the fun of Legends, Dragoneers and the Dransik Alliance.
May 01. 2006
  Iron Will Games is proud to announce the SECOND expansion for Ashen Empires - The Sands of Creation!

The Sands of Creation expansion will include:

Construction - The Sands of Creation expansion will allow players of build, own and maintain property. Players will be able to buy deeds and plans to several sizes of housing, ranging from a simple dwelling to a large keep. Once the deed has been purchased, construction can begin! Players will use raw materials to complete their housing – the amount of resources needed will depend on the chosen housing plan. Once a house has been completed the player will be responsible for maintaining it via the Lotorian Tax System. Players will be able to customize the interiors and the exteriors of their homes with various items, including chairs, tables, bookcases, plants and flowers. One house can be built per account.

New Lands - The Sands of Creation expansion will open the lands of the continent of Artonia. Artonia is filled with searing hot deserts and lush beautiful oasis’s. Artonia is home to a lost, and long faded ancient civilization, which in its prime was far advanced to those from the lands of Dransik. Players will find ancient artifacts, ruined temples and fabulous lost cities and they uncover the mysteries behind the demise of the Artonians.

Three New Cities - Three new cities will be introduced with the Sands of Creation expansion. The evil city of Subashi, the good city of Sardincia and the neutral city of Taklamakan. The Mages of Lotor are busy working on technology that will allow players to travel back and forth to the city of Taklamakan from the cities of Silvest, Whisperdale and Krog.

New Quests - Players will have an array of quests which will allow them to discover the ancient mysteries of Artonia. Wondrous new items and rewards will be uncovered.

New Skill – The skill of RuneCrafting will allow players to construct magic runes and totems for use in spell casting and combat.

New Creatures – Players will find Artonia filled with new and fantastical creatures, including Battle Horned Vipers, Giant Burrowers and Sand Elementals. Players will discover many new and powerful boss creatures as they venture deep into the new dungeons that lie below Artonia.

The Sands of Creation expansion is scheduled for release by the end of Summer '06. Pricing is expected to be less than $15.00us.
April 11. 2006
  Over the 2 weeks Ive managed to Update several functions of the website.

Mage - Has been updated with the current spells, current information on mage weapons and armours, and the Dragoneer Mage Titles

Jewelry Making - Completed - Missing Item List: Pendant of Thrown? Need level and resource info.

Alchemy - All Potion Icons posted. Still need level requirements.

Leatherworking - Has been updated showing Enchanted (not in use) and Wyvern Leather. Still waiting on information what level the Wyvern gear is made at. Icons Completed.

Mixing/Baking and Roasting - Completed.

Fishing - Completed.

Tailoring - Is being reviewed by several Tailors, soon will be updated.

Blacksmithing and Woodworking - Updated - Some level requirements missing - All icons complete.

Sorry Thargor - dont think any changes to Brewing yet.

March 26. 2006
  Talazars Revenge has been in place for several months. It was a greatly anticipated release to Ashen Empires. Alot of changes to existing skills, new skills, new monsters, alot of changes to be seen. Overall the best thing that they could have done with Ashen Empires.

I took a bit of time off due to RL issues taking hold of me, but I have returned (like most addicted players) and will be working on updating the site. Aaron Korr has agreed to help with the information and icons. Way too much stuff to get new icons made for me to ask Jin to do. Please be patient, while I work on gathering the correct info on some of the changed skills. Magery pages are on the bottom of the list, so dont expect them any time soon to be updated.

Since the release of TR, alot of new monsters have been added, along with new terrain and such. The Beastiary is actually further behind then the Magery. Sorry to say, unless I got some awesome help, I dont believe the Beastiary will be revived.

I suggest if you use the Dragoneers Den site to review skills, items and magery. Join our Guild Forums, supported and upkept by Foxy. Link is at the Left. I will constantly post the changes I make to site there, and also will have an index on site work being done. I will also keep the AE Boards updated on my progress also. Any help will be greatly welcomed.

Thanks for all being patient with me.

Warlord Grat Rochord - Dark Dragoneer - Keeper of the Dragon Faith
October 1, 2005
  Demonspire? Bah

HERE COMES TALAZARS REVENGE!!! Its begun its Testing Phase. Its release is just around the corner.

Unoffical Things to look for:
MORE quests!
MORE Land - the Long awaited Winterland!!!
NEW M O N S T E R S!!!!
and much much more!!!

Can't wait for the Release of the Talazar's Revenge Expansion Pack!!!
August 25, 2005
  Since DemonSpire update is just around the corner. Dragoneers are going to sponser one last Hell PingPong Hell Hunt.

It will either be Monday (29th) or Tuesday (30th) Nite around 8 or 9pm Eastern time.
It will be Ranged (Bows/Xbows) and/or Magic Missile Hunt.
Hopefully the two Level 70 Skinners I know will go with.
This is an open invitation for everyone, Alliance members and non-alliance members.

Rules are simple:
1) Bring only things you can spare to lose.
2) Bring a ranged/MM weapon.
3) If your a lvl 70+ skinner, I need to know on how we set this up.
4) Lvl 45/70 Miners are welcome to go and have us guard them.
5) Most important - This is one of the last major fun things to do on the Old AE before new AI kicks in.
6) Please PM me on the Ashen Empires Forums ( to -D- Warlord Grat ) if you or your guild, or if your guildless want to go.

Can't wait for update!!
August 22, 2005
  Open Beta on the Demon Spire update is going on. It will be interesting and challenging but overall im beginning to see ALOT of good changes and of course some bad ones.

On the Test Server, Dragoneers are there along with the Alliance members. Alliance members we using the same chat we do on the Legends Server. If anyone of the Alliance wants D Tag or vice versa talk to the Guild Leaders of the apporiated Guilds. Also the main chat on Test server is umm ch:test. Keeps you updated on drops and items and bugs that are about. Remember: GMs are having us test various items, functions and such, its not a time to go PvP happy while you can.

Enjoy the Open Beta Testing, I know most of the Alliance members have.

Can't wait for update!!
July 25, 2005
  Demon Spire Testing still going on. More information when its available.

Cant wait for update!!
March 23, 2005
  Demon Spire Testing has begun. From all reports from what the testers have posted its GREAT!! Hopefully in the near future we will be able to show you some of the new items once I get hold of some of the information from DS Update. But until then keep your eyes on the Message Boards for when some of the testers post some screenshots.

Cant wait for update!!
March 12, 2005
  Added Rarity Page to the Dragonshop.
Added some missing icons of spells, Cooking Page, Armorshop.
Added some Sigs to the Signature Page.
Still working on some minor issues and still working on rest of the Dragonshop Pages.
February 25, 2005
  Updated some pages with some minor adjustments. Added Icon in the Address Bar.
February 19, 2005
  Updated some pages with the correct emails and some minor adjustments, the Dragonshop is still not functional at this time. Updates on the crafting pages will be done first part of next week (Hopefully)
February 18, 2005 8:00A EST

Anything Prior to February 16, 2005 - has been placed on the Archived News Page.

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